Absorbent disposable adult bibs

Disposable adult bibs, a common sight inside hospitals, especially dentists who will often use it to keep fluids like spit, water and so forth from spilling onto your clothes when you visit them. It's an easy way of keeping a mess from happening onto you and helps with hygiene. The usage of disposable hygiene products in general is a common sight within clinics and hospitals, giving doctors and nurses an easy way to help things clean or at least reduce the mess to make things easier afterwards. It's cheap and effective compared to always keeping cloth around that you need to wash just to be able to reuse. With disposable adult bibs, you can simply use it once, throw it away and use a new one with the next patient, thus reducing the work required. Easy as apple pie!

A great variety

There are many types of disposable hygiene products outside of the disposable adult bibs, many which you can see used within regular homes, industries, and hospitals. In hospitals you'll of course see things like drapes, aprons, sheets, and towels but even inside a regular home you can find disposable wash gloves, wipes, and similar items to help with keeping homes and rooms clean. It's easy, effective, and once you're done you simply dispose of what you used rather than having to concern yourself with additional work of cleaning and washing what you just used. Depending on the place it's used, the requirements for disposable hygiene products can differ, as different standards need to be met. A hospital would need a bit higher quality and absorbent abilities from a wipe than say a regular home after all.​